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Industrial containers

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Industrial containers and equipment enclosures

Industrial and soundproof containers

Aspectair offers a wide range of containers to meet the many security and soundproofing needs of your industrial units. All our industrial containers are custom designed according to your specifications and your specific needs. We apply the same quality standards in the design and manufacture of each of our containers.

Whether it is simply to protect your units from the weather or to reduce the noise caused by them, there is an Aspectair container to satisfy your expectations.

According to your specifications, containers are :

  • Custom made
  • Delivered painted or galvanised
  • Manufactured from a variety of metals, thicknesses and sizes
  • Made from galvanized steel or aluminum
  • Assembled from bolted, welded or riveted panels
  • Structural type shelters

All our containers are designed to withstand the harsh winter climate, with stainless steel hardware, thermal and acoustic insulation and air inlets and outlets designed to comply with regulations.

Sound-proof containers

Aspectair's soundproof containers are used in the energy sector for the acoustic management of generators, compressors, cogeneration modules, etc.

The main sources of noise emissions from a genset come from the mechanical and combustion forces of the engine, fan, engine exhaust, vibration of the various components and the alternator. Our soundproofing experts will be pleased to create the container to meet your needs.

Power bases , tanks and trailers for containers

Also available, matching your containers, are tank bases manufactured to current Canadian standards, all installed and compliant with applicable B139 clauses, as well as TSSA requirements in Ontario.

These tanks are specially designed to accommodate a diesel or gasoline unit. These tank bases provide up to several hours of autonomy for your units. In addition, these double-walled tanks provide a solid mounting base for all kinds of power units.

In addition, if you need to move your equipment, Aspectair can also manufacture trailers that meet your requirements. This will allow your equipment to become mobile.

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Industrial and soundproof containers Industrial containers
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